csw Apps for Windows 7


More or less a by-product of the xml-support for the dfki wbd i used my new xml-reader module - written in vb 2008 - for a little app: RSSClock-App.


It's not sthg special - a clock at left top corner, fetching the current ip (requesting the csw .synapse-Applications-BAY), getting and showing the local ip of your pc. If you click on clock, the rss-feteched content will be shown.

RSS-Content: RSS-feed rodena.de, RSS-feed museum.academia-wadegotia.de; in either case the five newest feeds.

Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, or higher^^. Net-Framework 3.xxx or higher.


Installation: Unpack RSSClock-App.zip to Desktop or wherever. If you didnt have the font Clockopedia.ttf (google android free font) you can download it here: Clockopia.zip. Unpack it wherever, right mouse click on Clockpedia.ttf and choose "Install font". Now you can start the app. Oh... and ve fun with it :-)



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